Finished book - If Your Robot... Loves Birds

I finished my first children's book! It follows the journey of a robot as he connects with birds and tries hard to befriend as many as possible. I will update this post as the book filters out to different online stores.

Link to Lulu store.
Link to Amazon store.
Link to Barnes and Noble store.
Link to Books a Million.

Interactive Robot

I did a quick test with some rough art from the book. I hope to add much more to this, so it conveys some of what the book is about.

Test cover for kids book

This is the test cover for If your Robot... Loves Birds

I am working on finalizing art, text, and composition of the book.

Skunk that Ghost - test

I'am still working on game projects. Some day I hope to finish this, a very rough and basic start. I am not sure if the settings work on the menu screen for the html version of not. You should be able to use the xbox controller or generic usb nes controller.